Space for emotions

Great moments call for great stadiums. And that's why
HRS Real Estate Ltd creates the ideal playing space. As part of a team made up of politics, business and sports we bring your project to a winning position. And as project developer and general contractor, we're as sporting as it gets.



Space for well-being

Of all the demanding spaces we create, hospitals, clinics and homes for the elderly represent the greatest challenge. Logistics and functionality are one thing, buildings that save energy and make good ecological sense another. But the main goal behind everything we do: people’s well-being.



Space for progress

The concept of the ivory tower is no more. Progress is just one product of many. But it develops best in space that is inspiring technologically and promotes communication. With this in mind, we act as project developers, general contractors or investors to create the perfect environment where research and teaching flourish.




Space for shopping

Once upon a time there was the marketplace. Today retailers have the privilege of choosing where they sell their wares. As project developer and general contractor HRS Real Estate Ltd provides the best prerequisites for prospering shopping centres of the future. The location, the trade and the consumers in the area all benefit from this.





Living space for us all

How does HRS Real Estate Ltd approach a new residential project? As carefully as if we were going to live there ourselves. As the biggest owner-operated Swiss project developer and general contractor, we have left our mark on residential developments throughout Switzerland.




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