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HRS is the driving force for innovative and future-orientated development, planning and realization of real estate in Switzerland. We offer our clients extensive services over the entire project from design to implementation and post implementation support. We are highly precise and 100% reliable with regarding costs, deadlines, and quality.


We help you decide how to use your land intelligently. Land is a scarce resource and therefore should be put to optimal use. That’s why even during the early development stage, we carefully weigh risks and opportunities, and we always work in a manner designed to safeguard returns and ensure long-term appreciation of the value of your property. It makes no difference here whether we implement our own project as an investor or develop economically realistic and profitable real estate projects in cooperation with landowners, private investors or the public sector.


Projects with a passionate "can do" culture

We are passionate about getting things done – and getting them done right – when we implement our projects. HRS brings projects to life with an extremely high implementation speed. Our priorities here are perfect realisation in conformance with planning and cost specifications and consistent high quality throughout all stages of a project. We provide developers with a complete guarantee in terms of deadlines, costs and quality. Our extensive and long-standing knowledge of the design-to-cost approach has enabled us on many occasions to realise projects that might otherwise not have been implemented.


We are always there to assist you with our extensive knowledge and expertise. We offer consulting and advice during all phases of a construction project – from the appraisal of the value and potential of land or existing buildings to the project implementation phase and the subsequent marketing and management of properties. Our solid networks and extensive experience also make us the ideal partner for negotiations with government agencies – we know all the rules and regulations in detail.

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