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We are a pioneer in digitalisation

We always stay completely up to date in terms of the methods and technologies we utilise. That’s why we use BIM wherever this is possible and expedient, and we always build in a manner that is well thought out, forward-looking and intelligent. Our use of state-of-the-art technologies enables us to not only increase productivity and efficiency but also react creatively to complex challenges.

We fully exploit all digital possibilities

Our use of modern technologies in all areas where such technologies are expedient allows us to save paper. More importantly, however, such technologies make it possible for us to employ creative approaches that enable us to react flexibly and rapidly to complex challenges. This is the only way to ensure we can meet our own stringent requirements with regard to quality and innovation. Our utilisation of sophisticated technologies has also enabled us to reduce redundancies and improve cooperation, whereby the latter aspect is extremely important for ensuring smooth processes in what are often quite complex construction projects that involve numerous parties.

BIM is the future – and we're already experts

Everyone’s talking about Building Information Modelling – and BIM does in fact offer major benefits in complex construction projects. BIM makes it possible to digitally collect, combine and model all data on a specific building or structure. This improves quality while at the same time ensuring that all parties are always using the same databases and that all of these databases are up to date. BIM also greatly facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation in general. Finally, BIM helps reduce costs, shorten construction times and improve quality.

The Arch_Text_Lab at ETH: A pioneering digital project

The Arch_Tec_Lab that we built at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) offers a great example of the opportunities digital construction already offers today. This new building, which now houses the Institute of Technology in Architecture and the Robotic Fabrication Laboratory, was an experiment that allowed us to learn how digital technologies and collaborative planning can contribute to resource conservation and intelligent concentration.


Campus Pictet: The building of the future

Campus Pictet in Geneva is a large and very complex pioneering project. Space for more than 2,500 workers, and for nearly 100 high-quality apartments, will be created here by the summer of 2025. The buildings will be state of the art in terms of the use of intelligent technologies. For example, it will be possible to remotely control many systems, such as lighting and heating systems

IMG 6069

10.12.21 | Frauenfeld

HRS is an industrial partner of BIMprove

Netrics Datacube Biel

02.02.21 | Biel

HRS takes over data centre in Biel together with Netrics Group

News 20220210 Carouge

10.02.22 | Carouge

Pictet Campus in Rochemont | Building permit obtained and contracts signed

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