Datacenter ZRH 21 - Ceiling Festival

18.04.2023 | Glattfelden

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In the presence of the building owner (VDC Vantage Datacenters), planners and craftsmen, the ceiling celebration of VDC ZRH21 in Glattfelden took place on Friday 14.04.2023 on the occasion of the last ceiling stage.
In the first quarter of 2024, the section with over 8.0 MW capacity will be completed and put into operation.

With good weather and numerous guests of over 150 people, Riccardo Recchi, Vantage Datacenters and David Mizrahi, HRS International AG thanked the craftsmen for their consistently good and accident-free work.
At the same time, the outstanding subcontractors with regard to work safety were honoured with a gift.

HRS Real Estate AG is proud to be able to carry out the work as a general contractor.