Construction set to begin on the Hamel building and new Jumbo building in Arbon

19.11.2014 | Arbon

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The renovation work on the historic Hamel building in Arbon will com-mence in December. The green light has also been given for the new "Jumbo maximo". An objection is still pending for the renovation of the "Presswerk". This is obstructing the move of the Saurer Museum storage and display facility and the music school into the building in the near term. The further plans for the new "Hotel Werk2" are also being blocked by an objection of Swiss Cultural Heritage Protection.

The City of Arbon purchased the Hamel site from Oerlikon Saurer Arbon AG in December 2009 in order to ensure its expansion plans in the city centre area. In April 2013, the City sold the historic building to HRS Real Estate AG, which is based in Frauenfeld. A number of requirements were attached to the sale of the centrally located building. These included linking the pedestrian underpass in the basement floor of the building's front section with the planned bus station, making the ground floor appealing for public use and incorporating spaces for cultural activities.

Original building of 1907The renowned Zurich-based architecture firm Pfister Schiess Tropeano & Partner Architekten AG has been entrusted with the planning of the redevelopment and renovation work. Rita Schiess, a specialist in the area of historic buildings who grew up in Thurgau, plans to return the building to its original structure of 1907. The building, which has not been in use for 25 years, will thus be outfitted with reconstructed roof crowns, as can be seen in old pictures. The windows of the red brick building will also revert to their original form and be fitted out with light awnings.

Hamel: mixed useThe building will be used for a mix of purposes. While sales outlets and a shopping mall as a pedestrian passage are planned on the ground floor, the upper floor will be rented out mainly as office space. The front section of the building will be home to spacious, high-ceiling 2½- and 3½-room residential units. Space on the upper floor will also be set aside for cultural use. The redevelopment and renovation work will cost around CHF 32 million.

Underground car park and bus station?Planning permission for the redevelopment of the Hamel building has now been granted. The tendering process is already under way and initial work is set to begin in December. It would be advantageous if the construction work for the underground car park and the bus station could also commence in the coming weeks, as the deeper water level of Lake Constance during the winter months plays an important role in building activities at this location. The City of Arbon hopes that the pending objection of a private party will soon be settled.

Start of construction work on "Jumbo maximo"Planning permission for the new "Jumbo" was also received a few days ago. Jumbo will move from the lake into the former "Arbomec building" on the Saurer WerkZwei site. The striking front section of the building and the attached hall from the 1950s are to be renovated and expanded. Sales and storage space totalling 5,000 m2 is to be created. The investment will total approximately CHF 30 million. Construction work is set to begin in the coming weeks, and the new "Jumbo maximo" is scheduled to be opened in early summer 2016.

Presswerk with the Saurer Museum storage and display facility and music schoolWhile the two buildings on the lake will be occupied as early as next spring, the planning permission process for the "Wohnen Plus" development with 51 2½- and 3½-room residential units adapted to the needs of the elderly is still pending. An objection submitted by Swiss Cultural Heritage Protection against the redevelopment of the "Presswerk", which will house the Saurer Museum storage and display facility and the music school, is still pending. This is obstructing the further planning of the new "Hotel Werk2". The "Riva" building on the current Metropol site, the "Wohnen am Park" development and the 20-floor high-rise building in Steinach are still in the planning phase.

New HamelstrasseHRS Real Estate yesterday submitted the building application for "Hamelstrasse". The new street, designed as a 30 km/h zone, will provide access to the "Wohnen Plus" development, the "Presswerk" (with the Saurer Museum storage and display facility and the music school), the new "Hotel Werk2" and the Hamel building. The construction costs will total approximately CHF 3.0 million.

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