Wankdorf City 3: a "somewhat different" project competition

04.02.2022 | Bern

Bob Gysin Partner Architekten
Bauart Architekten und Planer AG
E2 A Piet Eckert und Wim Eckert Architekten
Peter Partner Architekten

On a 34,000 square metre commercial site in Bern-Wankdorf, a neighbourhood development is being built according to the vision of a "stacked city", with uses of varying heights.

Within the framework of a project competition, the jury has now selected four architectural teams out of twelve to participate in the implementation of the overall project. Under the auspices of Immofonds and with HRS as the realisation partner, a collaborative "Workshop Wankdorfcity 3" is now working on a preliminary project. Construction work is expected to begin in early 2024 and last four to five years.

Further information on the Wankdorf City 3 website: