New construction station square


Bern Christoffel Unterführung 1
Bern Christoffel Unterführung 2

Renovation and redesign of the Christoffel underpass with conversion and redesign of the underground shopping mile as well as renewal of the entire building technology installations.


Civil Engineering Authority of Berne, ewb Energie Wasser Berne, Property Management of the City of Berne, Urban Planners of Berne, mobil, Municipal Transport Companies of Berne, SBB and RailCity Berne, represented by: Civil Engineering Authority, 3011 Berne

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor within the sole contractor of Neuer Bahnhofplatz, c/o Walo Bertschinger AG, Gümligen, with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Delley + Partner Architekten AG, Berne

Christoffel underpass
8,500 sqm

Total cost
CHF 10 million

Construction period
September 2007 – May 2008


HRS Real Estate AG
Walzmühlestrasse 48
8501 Frauenfeld

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