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Education institution built on industrial site

The École des Métiers (EMF) is the training centre for technical and industrial professions in the fields of electronic and computer science, automation and polymechanics. The original building from the 1920s was rather outdated and was replaced with a new building featuring a special silhouette, blending in with Fribourg's industrial district. The façade gives the building an industrial look: glass and steel, with the wings made of folded aluminium sheets.

The elongated building stretches over some 170 meters and houses 14 workshops, a media library, a sports hall and auditorium to seat 130. The two upper floors are divided into two forms of teaching, i.e. "theory" and "practice". Staff rooms, administration and cafeteria are accommodated on the lower floors. In this way the complex provides an inspiring learning environment for almost 550 apprentices.

Sustainability through and through

The building is Minergie standard-certified and is connected to the local heating network. In addition, it has two gas motors (head-force coupling, CLF) and a computer-assisted management system to allow for streamlined production. In addition, a reversible heat pump is in use that draws geothermal heat from thirty probes at a depth of 154 meters. As a further sustainable measure, solar modules are distributed on the roof. Almost three-quarters of the energy required for heating and cooling is thus obtained from renewable sources.


Building Department, Fribourg

Services rendered by HRS
General contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Graber. Pulver Architekten AG, Berne

Overall cost
CHF 40 million

Duration of construction
January 2009 – June 2011


HRS Real Estate SA
Rue du Centre 172
1025 Saint-Sulpice

+41 58 122 90 00

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