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A temple for world football

In 2013 Haus zur Enge was converted into the FIFA World Football Museum. The original building was designed and constructed in 1978 by the renowned architect Werner Stücheli. It is a high-rise building of robust building substance. Two triangular cores, punched through all the cornices, formed the basis for the topping-off and densification of the building. Since the conversion, the building has accommodated the World Football Museum, sales, gastronomy, seminar and office areas and 34 apartments. Werner Stücheli's original vision, to construct a building with the principle of active participation in urban life, could finally be implemented in this way.

Power from Lake Zurich

The realisation was demanding for HRS, as it had to be carried out in a densely built-up inner-city area. The project managers were challenged by the rolling planning and extremely short construction period limit - also logistically. 380 to 460 people worked at the site at any given time. The existing building substance placed high demands on the executing companies with regard to geometry and execution quality. The latest energy concepts were taken into account and implemented in the renovation and extension of the building as well as in the areas of in-house technology engineering, extensions and the façade. There is even a direct pipeline to Lake Zurich. The lake water is used as a regenerative energy source for heating the building in winter and cooling it in summer. Thanks to these measures, all the roof areas could be made available to the users.


FIFA Museum AG, Zurich

Services rendered by HRS
General planner and general contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

SAM Architekten and Planer AG, Zurich

Plot size
2,745 sqm

Construction period
September 2013 - December 2015


HRS Real Estate AG
Siewerdtstrasse 8
8050 Zurich

+41 58 122 80 00

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