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An urban landmark for Neuchâtel

The PMI F && E Campus, completed in 2009, marks the entrance to Neuchâtel city centre. In an exceptional setting on the shores of Lake Neuchâtel, it offers a magnificent panoramic view of the lake with the Swiss Alps on the horizon.
The aim of Philip Morris was to create workplaces and communal spaces that stimulate interaction in team-driven research and encourage employees to perform well and produce results.
The F && E campus consists of three parallel wings that house state-of-the-art offices and laboratories for 550 employees. There are also common areas such as reception, restaurant, cafeterias, meeting rooms, a conference room with 200 seats, a library and a sports hall.

Architecture based on sustainability

The building was designed with environmental friendliness in mind.
In winter the double glazed façade and the glass roofs of the building's atrium are a source of heat thanks to passive solar energy, while in summer they provide natural ventilation. In addition, future-looking energy, operating and environmental concepts were applied: lake water for cooling the building and heat recovery and speed control devices integrated in ventilation and passive solar systems.


Philip Morris Products SA, Neuchâtel

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Burckhardt + Partner AG, Architekten Generalplaner, Lausanne

Plot size
13,500 sqm

Overall cost
CHF 110 million

Construction period
September 2006 – December 2008


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