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Arena sparkles in a new look

In view of Switzerland’s upcoming hosting of the Ice Hockey World Championship in 2009, HRS was commissioned to renovate the existing ice stadium and optimise its use in the process. In collaboration with the investors, Swiss Prime and PostFinance AG, as long-term tenants, HRS developed a utilisation-optimised renovation concept for the ice stadium. HRS optimised the use of the stadium and its infrastructure by adding a five-storey office building to the arena. The 500 PostFinance employees, SC Berne, BEA and the service sector of BEA Berne Expo all have their offices here. Thanks to the extension, the arena now forms a unified whole. The emblematic appearance of the building with its projecting canopy makes it unmistakable.

A win in regular playing time

The tight deadlines led HRS to plan the work in three shifts. 50 to 70 people were constantly on duty. Coordinating the 100 contractors demanded meticulous planning. In parallel, games and training sessions could not be interrupted. HRS planners obtained commissions to maintain access to the stadium. During the intensive phase until the end of August 2008, some 200 skilled workers were on site at the same time, six days a week.


Swiss Prime Site AG, Olten

Services rendered by HRS
Sole contractor with full cost, quality and deadline guarantee

Architekten Schwaar & Partner AG, Berne

Total cost
CHF 105 million

Construction period
Ice stadium: August 2007 - August 2009
Office premises: autumn 2008 – autumn 2009


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