Tilia Project | Contract signature

03.05.2023 | Lausanne

1374 Tour Tilia Lausanne Back view
1374 Tour Tilia Lausanne Garden

Photos: ©3XN

After obtaining the building permit, delivered by the Municipality of Prilly on September 12, 2022, HRS is pleased to announce its partnership as a total contractor with Insula SA, the project owner, to carry out the Tilia project.

Located in the heart of the Malley district, one of the largest urban wastelands in Switzerland undergoing transformation, the Tilia project has as its emblematic figure the Tillia Tower. At 85 metres high, this tower will integrate a wide variety of services, housing and meeting places, including

- A hotel/co-living residence with 160 units
- 221 housing units, of which 10% will be public utility units
- Over 1,000 m² of commercial space
- Approximately 400 m³ of space dedicated to sport and well-being
In addition, the project will also include the renovation of the adjacent badminton building and the transformation and extension of Tilia West.

The Tilia project offers an exceptionally friendly, connected and innovative environment to live, work, play and relax. It will create a unique living space for the inhabitants of Prilly and the surrounding area.

Further information can be found in the media release